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GSJ-B series of gale alarm


Purposes and features

   The GSJ-B series of gale alarm, designed by our institution according to wind protection requirements of the crane, is a wind-speed acquisition and control system specially used together with the crane and the crane wind-proof equipment. Two groups of optionally settable relay output signals are provided where necessary, so as to automatically control the crane and the crane wind-proof equipment.

Model description:



    Measurement precision: ±0.3    (V——measured data of the wind-speed)

     Measuring range: 1~60m/s                   (m/s——wind-speed)

     Alarm accuracy:0.5m/s

     Source voltage: 220V                     (alternating)

Data sheet of installation drawing:

   1,Instrument with length of 160, width of 80 and height of 80 is mounted on the wall or the desktop through the transitional mounting board.

  2,The wind-speed sensor (wind cup) is fixed in the unshielded high place through the M12 shaft hole (or the shaft transiting to M12).


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