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ZTHG-100 type heating cable


Product type: ZTHG-100 type heating cable

3.1.1 working principle:

Heating cable device, is the heating cable, the cable through its own heat, heat transfer to the gate or buried parts panel, the panel will heat transfer to the contact of the ice, which will melt the ice to a certain thickness.

Main features of 3.1.2:

Providing the required heat in the gate or the surrounding, so that the temperature above the freezing point is above the freezing point, which can not be frozen.

Main advantages of 3.1.3:

1 product safety and reliability, the selection of cables are composite national standards, safe and reliable.

2 economy: simple installation and the design of the specific gate to achieve the best efficiency of the plus

Heat system, can reduce the harm caused by icing.

3 easy to control, can quickly ice.

4 electricity will not cause two pollution.

5 heating cables and related accessories are mature products, long service life.

Four, product description

The heating cable is composed of a conducting polymer and two parallel metal wires and an insulating protective layer. Its characteristic is the conductive polymer positive temperature coefficient has a very high, and parallel to each other, can be with the temperature change of the heating system of the automatic adjustment of output power, automatic heating temperature, increase in resistance when the current through the cable, the surface to heat a certain temperature, so as to achieve the effect of electric heating and electric heating. At the end of 90s, our country began to introduce and independently produce heating cable. In early twenty-first Century, it was applied to the construction industry, chemical industry, water conservancy industry and so on. Heating cable per meter power 20W-65W, voltage 205-250V, maximum working temperature of 90 DEG -130 DEG, the test voltage 3000V, multiple resistance alloy, silicon rubber insulation, grounding shielding and special formula PVC coat, with IEC800, VDE and UL standard. According to the heating cable per meter of power, select the appropriate installation spacing (10-60cm), the installation and use of convenient.

Provide the electronic control cabinet is matched with the electric heating system, the temperature sensing probe with overheat protection, detect cable and the gate body temperature, has a double protective effect on electric control system, which can ensure the electric heating system regulation according to the need to use, and can guarantee the under special circumstances, and the heating cable is not damaged by overheating. At the same time, but also to meet the special requirements of customers, to provide a programmable, with digital display, remote control, transmission, intelligent management and other functions.

Because all the materials of this kind of cable are almost all inorganic materials, it has the characteristics of no pollution, green environmental protection, stable performance, high safety, long life, easy installation and so on.

4.1 heating cable system

Electric cable heating system consists of heating cable, temperature control box, and a special distribution box and installation accessories (Glenn, galvanized wire connector, etc.).

4.2 heating cable structure

Five, the characteristics and advantages of the electric heating system

Reasonable temperature control mode can not only reduce the cost of maintenance and operation, but also increase the service life of the hotline. Distribution system and power distribution box with heat system, can design and manufacture according to customer requirements, can be wall mounted or vertical box structure; cable into the line, can enter the line for the forward line or bottom; can provide indoor or outdoor distribution box. The distribution box is provided with a multiple branch circuit breaker, and a leakage protection device is arranged on each circuit, and the alarm device and a temperature controller are selected according to the special requirements.

Advantages of heat tracing system:

1, security: security is our concern of the top priority. Through a variety of security innovation, such as training and promotion projects to constantly challenge the routine, we strive for excellence in product safety performance.

2, reduce operating costs: the system can be variable for compensation, such as: heat and electricity

Fluctuation of pressure and temperature. Where needed, the heat is automatically supplied.

3, easy to install: parallel circuit and flat cable design makes the use of electric heating system and installation are very convenient.

4, quick start: according to the need to provide high power output. That is when the gate is below the freezing point, can quickly start to reduce downtime.

5. The temperature is uniform: the system can automatically adapt to the change of static liquid and different elevation because of the actual situation of the external environment and make response.

6, environmental protection: no pollution, environmental protection.

7, long life: with the quality system of heat system covering the entire process, including design, supply, installation and commissioning, to ensure that the system with thermal debugging in accordance with the expected requirements of the normal work. Service life of 50 years or more.

8, installation service: regular service personnel detection, through the heat management system acceptance or perform system maintenance agreement for system safety evaluation by experts regularly with hot industry, so as to eliminate the hidden trouble of the system.

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