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Innovation China machinery industry and the international gap into the soft underbelly

Release Date:2016-09-10

China's machinery industry hundred enterprises last year, the main business income exceeded one trillion yuan mark, up to 10515 yuan!" In the machinery industry for 30 years, the executive vice president of the China Federation of machinery industry Cai Weici, the achievements of today's machinery industry proud.

Indeed, in recent years, with the China become the "world factory", as "mechanical industry machine" has also made rapid development. Cai Weici recalled that in 2003, the main business income of more than ten billion yuan of machinery enterprises (excluding auto companies) has only 3, to 2009 has reached 28.

Vertical comparison, great achievements. So, horizontal comparison?

Cai Weici believes that although the China machinery industry large enterprises and the world of similar enterprises continued to narrow the gap, in some areas, Chinese vanguard enterprise already had the ability to compete with similar enterprises in the world, but at the same time, we must clearly see that these China compared with the world's top 500 large enterprises, the gap is still large.

In fact, this gap is a full range of. Whether it is the scale, profitability and labor productivity, or brand, independent intellectual property rights, the core technology, international business, industrial structure, there is a clear gap.

Although China's machinery enterprises in recent years, the progress is very fast, but there is still no one of the world's top 500 companies. Accounted for half of the world's power generation equipment, power, East, the three largest group of Kazakhstan and the world's top 500.

Cai Weici believes that the lack of scientific and technological innovation capability is the weakest link in China's large enterprises. Especially in the core technology and key products of complete sets of major technical equipment and high technology, we are behind the international advanced level, technological upgrading can not get rid of the situation of heteronomy. Compared with the contemporary first-class multinational companies, our R & D capabilities, independent innovation capability is still a huge gap.

"Even our top 100 enterprises, few can compete with multinational companies with strength. Overall, our machinery industry in the global industrial structure is still in the low end of the value chain, in the world market competition is still in a weak position." Wang Ruixiang, President of the China Federation of machinery industry.

In the Chinese machinery enterprises first China machinery industry group China machinery industry is the most extensive coverage, the most complete business chain, the strongest R & D capabilities of the enterprise group, but the Group Chairman Ren Hongbin admits, China's machinery industry "big but not strong" contradictions still outstanding, more than 50% high-end products still rely on imports of machinery in the lower field; major equipment, especially high-tech equipment, fine processing equipment (such as semiconductor processing equipment) almost all rely on imports.

"China is a big agricultural country, but in agricultural machinery, we have a large gap with the world class level. For example, we now mature technology is 180 horsepower, and the international has more than 500 horsepower." Ren Hongbin said.

Ren Hongbin believes that the machinery industry to catch up with the world class, the key is to vigorously promote independent innovation, and strive to break through more core key technologies. Forward high technology and industry core technology, the market is not to change, and can not be bought with money.

"In the period after the financial crisis, developed countries through reflection, is to increase the real economy value, the future market competition will become more intense, the challenge will be more severe, so we can not relax the effect, must work harder." Wang Ruixiang warned.

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