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Gantry cranes and other heavy machinery industry market exports to maintain a good posture

Release Date:2016-09-10

Affected by the decline in domestic demand, heavy machine industry gross industrial output growth rate of 26% in 2011, 30% in 2010, fell to 15.4% in 2012, the growth rate continued to decline in the first quarter of this year. By the rapid growth of return to moderate growth, a sharp drop in machinery industry in the first industry lag about half a year.

But exports continue to maintain a good momentum, which, the traditional export products still maintain market share and steady growth. Large machinery and equipment, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, large bridge, gantry cranes, bulk materials transportation equipment and spare parts, such as exports to the region in addition to europe.

Economic benefits and orders double decline

2012 the whole industry's main business income margin decreased by 1 percentage points over last year. Profit margins continue to decline in the first quarter of this year.

The reason of low efficiency: one is because the task is insufficient, resulting in the sale of price competition among enterprises; the two is the growth of accounts receivable, accounts receivable of metallurgical machinery products accounted for nearly half of the sales value is three; the owners of acceptance of a larger proportion; four is a large heavy machine factory of metallurgical machinery, wind power, nuclear power and other products, in the total output value and profits in proportion is too large, the decline in market demand, not only affects the output value, also make a substantial decline in profits.

Orders also declined. Since the middle of 2011, the order situation has not been significantly improved. The whole industry cumulative orders fell by 7.4 percentage points, the decline in the metallurgical machinery orders greater, mining machinery, material handling machinery increased by more than half. The production of commodity products part of small and medium-sized enterprises to close, but some of the advantages of enterprises, the advantages of the product order can meet the production needs in the first half of this year. Some enterprises in the hands of this year's task.

Fixed asset investment to maintain high growth

2012 the whole industry to complete the growth rate of fixed assets investment was 43%, an increase of 7 percentage points, more than 19 percentage points in the mechanical industry. In the first quarter of this year, an increase of 23, 40% percentage points higher than the mechanical industry.

Some enterprises for the production of new technology, new production organization mode, and the production of new products, carry out technological transformation, equipment, construction of the production line, to the connotation development, investment is benign. But some industry enterprises, see continued development in recent years, mining machinery, material handling machinery, forging, the industry growth is relatively fast, the adjustment of product structure, extend the industrial chain, to find a new growth point, bigger and stronger the slogan of instigation, they have entered, especially large the large, heavy mining truck, excavator, mining machine, crushing machine, tunnel boring machine, combined with bulk equipment and large castings and forgings and other products in the field have to get together to enter, big investment, high - industry investment growth rate is raised. In some well-known enterprises, while management and new concept of development for the industry, promote the progress of the industry, but also caused the excessive increase of production capacity, market competition ability, and high investment returns without emptying problems.

A more grim year

On the whole, 2013 will be a year of heavy machinery industry situation is more severe. According to the current master of some key enterprises to order, only a small part of the business to meet the annual order, and the variety is not balanced, and some of the order contract security is poor. Full industry production and operation difficulties increased, the first half does not rule out the possibility of continued decline in the first half. Even if the macro economy rebounded, according to the heavy machinery industry to advance later than other industry response to the law, but also to some late to change. Metallurgical machinery is expected to continue to decline, there may be negative growth; mining machinery growth rate was flat with last year, material handling machinery in the middle of the year, the latter has increased. Annual growth rate of around 10%~12%, lower than in 2012. Affected by the factors such as labor, energy, capital turnover, withdrawal and extension of contract, the benefit continues to decline. Exports still have space, can maintain a slight growth trend.

Since last year, the current situation of the development of heavy machinery has caused the old leader of the Ministry of machinery, the old comrades of the attention, and put forward many good suggestions. Some companies have already started a new round of development layout, and achieved effective results, we suggest that the development of the industry in 2013 to upgrade and integration of the two, energy-saving emission reduction as the main line, to promote the development of heavy industry stable and healthy.

In the face of this grim situation, to the production and operation of this work, carefully review the contract, avoid accounts receivable growth, to prevent an increase in financial expenses, to ensure the safe operation of enterprises; on the other hand, suggest that companies use this opportunity to improve the system, management and technology, new product and new process development, experiment. Low profile, gather strength. That is, in the fierce market competition, the enterprise survival mainly personalized products in the market segments of these efforts, mainly rely on technology research and development to support, low profit, influence the investment in science and technology, if the enterprise will lose s***ina, catch up by peers.

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