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Making method of automatic brake positioner

Release Date:2016-09-10

Automatic brake positioner for crane. The utility model belongs to a wind proof anchoring device.

Open pit operation of the crane, wind anchor is a major issue related to the safety of the use of. Especially the large bridge crane, often because there is no automatic brake device, when the wind was blowing in occasional strong winds, causing major accidents and losses. The past weather anchor measures have fixed buried pile inserted in the chain, iron wheel plate hole in the manual way, free placement of iron shoes, rail clamp or by lifting body landing, but these methods are difficult to solve in the operation condition of automatic brake wind encounter problems.

The task of the utility model is, in order to avoid the occurrence of the accident and weather anchor improve the traditional ways and can solve the problem of the crane from the sliding on the gentle slope, improve the reliability of brake positioning, automatic brake positioner and a crane design for.

The basic idea of the utility model is that an automatic braking positioner is provided with a base plate, and the upper part of the utility model is provided with an electromagnetic pull rod, and the upper end of the pull rod is connected with the base plate. A spring plate is arranged on the upper end of the base plate, and the lower end is connected with the middle part of the iron shoe. There is an adjusting plate arranged behind the spring plate, can adjust the gap between the iron shoes and the track and the spring plate, the front end of the shoe has a iron hull, back-end correspondingly has two long holes which are matched with the electromagnetic rod shaft and a spring plate on the shaft with one end of a board mounted electrical assembly in the electrical appliance plate, a traction electromagnet is arranged in the assembling plate, a traction electromagnet core connected hook, hook and central electrical assembling plate, the traction electromagnet core pull hook, electromagnetic pull live, on the contrary, it will release the electromagnetic rod. The action of the traction electromagnet is controlled by the stroke switch mounted on the upper part of the base plate. Automatic brake positioner complete, through the welding on the crane wheel on the cover plate of the upper part of the connecting hook and connecting nut mounted to a crane.

Automatic brake positioner manufactured according to the design out, when in use, the electromagnetic power rod and core pull, drive travel switch switching traction electromagnet, the electromagnet core drives the traction hook to pull the electromagnetic rod axis, then the electromagnetic coil power supply, broken rod, iron shoes in the electromagnetic rod and spring plate drive under the lift, crane can be normal operation. Cut off the brakes, traction magnet power, traction electromagnet core under the action of gravity downward, thereby forcing the hook and the rod axis disengaged, the solenoid pull rod and spring plate is under the action of gravity will iron shoes flat on the track, fast operation of the crane wheel pressing iron shoe front convex hull into recess and under the force of friction force, the crane stops operation to achieve the purpose of braking.

The following is a best embodiment of the utility model, as shown in the figure, the base plate 7 is composed of two metal plates, it is provided with the electromagnetic rod 12, rod 12 is provided with hole and set in a tie shaft 5, the lower end is provided with a shaft axis, 22 22 iron shoe 21 is inserted in the hole of the back end, the rod can be made of metal materials. When the electromagnetic coil rod 11 is energized, the magnetic field, the electromagnetic rod 12 and the rod core 10. There is a spring board 2, 1 for the upper end connection bolt connected to the base plate 7, the lower end is provided with a connecting shaft 23, the shaft 23 is inserted in the iron shoes 21 central hole, the spring plate is best made of spring steel. There is an adjusting plate 3 arranged on the spring back, 2, and 2 with the spring board to adjust the gap between the iron shoes and the track and the adjusting plate 3 can be made of metal or plastic plate, with an iron shoe 21 of the shoe department has a convex hull, convex hull after there is a recess, the corresponding zone has two long end hole through the shaft, were inserted in two long hole 22 and the shaft 23, the iron shoes 21 connected to the electromagnetic rod 12 and a spring 2 on board. When the brake is involved in the friction of the iron shoes, the soles of the shoes are preferably made of spring steel. The rear end of the base plate is provided with an electric appliance assembly board 13, and an electric appliance element of the electromagnetic pull rod coil 11 is arranged in the electric assembly plate of the electric appliance 13. There is a lower traction electromagnet 14 is installed in the electrical assembly plate 13, traction electromagnet core 15 lower end through the connecting rod 16, shaft 17 and 18 linked together, the hook has a central hole connected to the electrical assembly plate 13 through a shaft 19. When the electromagnetic coil rod 11 is energized, the electromagnetic rod 12 and core 10 pull, then a push rod 6 touch stroke switch 8 switch 14 power traction electromagnet coil, traction electromagnet core 14 and 15 after the pull, pull hook 18. The central axis of the pull rod 20, crane can be normal operation, braking, traction electromagnet power broken 14, hook 18 release electromagnetic rod 12, iron shoes were flat on the track 25 performed on brake positioning tasks. Full automatic brake positioner by connecting hook 4 and connecting nut 9 is mounted to the crane.

Rights requirements

1 for the automatic brake positioner crane, which belongs to a windbreak anchoring device, comprising a base plate, a [7] [12], an electromagnetic electromagnetic pull rod, a pull rod core [10] electromagnetic coil [11], an adjusting plate [3], an iron shoe [21], an electrical assembly board, a [13] [14], the traction electromagnet cores [15], a [18] hook, which is characterized in that the base

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